About Us

Safe, secure and complete peace of mind storage

If you’re ready to finally have some extra space, then Red Door Self Storage is ready to help. Whether you’re moving to the St Annes area, or you’re a business looking for some extra space to store your goods, Red Door Self Storage has the affordable, easy to access storage solutions for your needs. We offer standard storage units for everyday items and household storage, all the way up to extra large units. With units ranging from 16 ft2 all the way up to 150 ft2, you’re sure to find the perfect size for you at our clean, secure facility.

We offer storage sure to your expectations

With the demand for storage space increasing every day, we know how to meet that challenge at a price you can afford. Ideally structured for durability and on-demand mobile transport, our service is the perfect solution for providing you with the additional space you need, where you need it.

  • Units starting at 16ft 2
  • Reasonable Price
  • Safe & Secure Location
  • Easy Access Lift
  • Easy sign up
  • Optimal climate conditions
  • No minimum stay
  • Convenient location

Frequently asked questions

For your convenience, our calculator will guide you through a series of questions to help you determine which size storage unit is right for you.

We can reserve your storage unit two weeks in advance, anything after this point would be required to pay for the unit. We have week-to-week leases available, allowing you to move in and move out with just a notice of 7 days

We accept all major credit cards, including MasterCard & Visa. We also have the option to set up an recurring payment from that card so you can stick to paying monthly/weekly. We do also allow standing orders to be set up if you prefer.